Psychological Testing

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Psychological Testing helps both clients and counselors.  Clients are better able to understand the severity of their symptoms, personality traits and cognitive patterns.  Counselors benefit from using assessments both as a gauge for therapeutic goals and to better individualize treatment.  

Intended parents are HIGHLY encouraged to have their potential surrogate, gestational carrier or egg/sperm donor screened for mental health, pathology and compatibility.  This not only ensures that you have chosen the right person to assist you in your family building effort, but it also helps protect against compliance issues and helps match personalities.   Most importantly, screening your donor/surrogate/gestational carrier helps ensure that you have done all you can to minimize the chance of severe mental illness in your hoped-for child.

 I employ the following assessments:

Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Instrument (MMPI-2)
Beck Depression Inventory
Burn's Anxiety and Depression Indicator
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Phone consults and video conferencing available for out of town patients or intended carriers or donors for third-party pregnancy purposes.

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Psychological Testing

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