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I really enjoy reading, writing and speaking on self-development and the process of making positive life changes. While I cover general life topics in my therapy practice, I'm also a fertility and family building specialist. Here is some content that may inform and inspire you.


I welcome opportunities to connect with media covering topics ranging from how to achieve a sense of wellbeing and fulfillment in life, navigating majors changes and building healthy relationships, to the process and considerations for donors and surrogates, IVF and parents-to-be, plus family relationships. Whether it's providing comment as a Licensed Professional Counselor, penning an original article or doing a podcast, TV or radio interview, please contact me.

Fertility Forum: I created and host the weekly radio program, "The Fertility Forum," which covers all aspects of the journey to building a family. It includes interviews with leading experts, as well as stories from those who have walked the path. 
 In:  Infertility treatments, adoption and even child free living are explored. Listeners will gain support, information and advice to help you make more informed decisions. Speakers will talk about their personal experience, medical expertise, alternative therapies, options to consider, coping strategies and  more. We will tackle the various types of infertility and what the diagnoses mean in relation to treatment choices. Support for the psychological and emotional impact infertility can have on individuals, relationships and marriages. Downloads are available on Apple Music.

Channel 3, UK: Below is a clip of Phyllis (Martin) Fortunato, M.Ed., LPC and Fertility Counselor, when interviewed on the United Kingdom's Channel 3 about IVF and Donor Egg programs in the United States. (2012)

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