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            The Fertility Forum's Lunch & Learn Infertility Series

(For Counselors and helping professionals:)                          

This three-part Masterclass will empower you as you support individuals and couples navigating complex infertility struggles and a host of new family building options. 

May 17, 24 and June 7, 2022: noon-1:00pm EDT

May 17: Session 1: Protecting The Bond – Help clients strengthen the bond with their partner and protect intimate connection during infertility treatment. Learn tips for helping clients tend to relationship ruptures, sexual disconnection, and misattunement from their partner while creating new opportunities to cultivate a deeper connection.

May 24: Session 2: Identifying Layers of Grief – We’ll explore the complex layers and types of infertility grief and learn how you can help clients move from despair, anxiety, and dorsal vagal states into acceptance, calm, compassion and consideration of new possibilities.

June 7: Session 3: Exploring Who You Are In Session? – What parts of you show up in session that may be getting in the way? Your’ beliefs, legacy and cultural burdens can unknowingly enter the therapeutic alliance. We’ll explore attitudes, opinions, triggers, and blocks that can impact your work with clients. 

Cost: $155 for three, one-hour sessions

Live participation is encouraged, but if you can’t make a class, you can catch the replay. Registration grants full access to both the live classes and the recordings. Please share this link with colleagues that you think can benefit.

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NEW 2022 DATES COMING!  Contact me  if you want to be contacted when the next group begins.

2022 Donor Egg Support Group information and support you need to consider or continue with donor egg family building options 

This 6 week group will meet weekly starting ------.  If you are using donor egg, or considering it, known or anonymous, this is the group for you!  Specific donor egg topics addressed, as well as community and support.  Guest speakers (egg donor and egg recipient), as well as a wealth of information from the group, will help you prepare, decide and manage all that parenting via donor egg can create.

Open to singles and couples. 

Fee $68 per week, per person, with an 8 week commitment. 

Location: virtual meeting

Contact Phyllis Fortunato, LPC 703-509-7412[email protected] to register.  Last day to register is -------

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Conception Story Telling for Donor Egg/Sperm/Embryo:
Please call if you are interested in creating a group with a minimum of 6 individuals or 3 couples.

Disclosure Training: Telling Your Children the Story of their Donor Conception : Dates TBA (contact me directly for individual coaching)
During this 4 week Psycho-educational class you will learn:

  • Tools to discuss your family builing choices with your child(ren)
  • Age Appropriate Communication Techniques
  • Timing: understanding when it is right for your family
  • Emotional blocks to disclosure
  • Couple decision-making techniques
  • Emotional preparation for sharing

reserve your spot by contacting [email protected] or 703-509-7412

 Find me on Facebook for reminders and announcements for the groups under Phyllis Fortunato, LPC - Counselor

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