Infertility & Family Building

Phyllis Martin, M.Ed., LPC participates in a live, nationally televised discussion on IVF and Donor Eggs in the United Kingdom . 

The FERTILITY FORUM -This show is about all aspects of building your family when old fashion sex doesn't work!


Tune In:  Infertility treatments, adoption and even child free living will be explored.  Listeners will gain support, information and advice to help you make more informed decisions. Speakers will talk about their personal experience, medical expertise, alternative therapies, options to consider, coping strategies and  more. We will tackle the various types of infertility and what the diagnoses mean in relation to treatment choices. Support for the psychological and emotional impact infertility can have on individuals, relationships and marriages will also be available, so tune in & down load from iTunes afterwards!

Whatever your starting point is...

Anxiety & Depression
Life Changes  & Transitions
Relationship Issues
Mental Health
Sex Therapy
Psychological Testing

I can guide your process to...

Connect with yourself & others
Strengthen bonds with others
Navigate life phases positively
Find your purpose
Restore you sense of well-being
Create the life you want 
Live more joyfully