Infertility & Family Building

I found myself in the infertility world as an unsuspecting patient nearly 25 years ago. After resolving my family building crisis, it was clear that the mental health field was lacking knowledge and help, and that we needed clinicians that could speak the same language and understand the nuance of the hard, confusing, painful terrain that is under the umbrella of infertility. I have since dedicated myself to teaching, supporting, creating, coaching and counseling individuals and couples that find themselves grieving, hoping, raging, floundering, making hard decisions, and changing the way in which they thought they would build and raise a family. Together we find the next right step, the acceptance, the coping and support needed to help manifest what will come.

I provide on-going therapy, brief consultation and psychological screening to prospective donors, gestational carriers and intended parents that are using third party fertility options.  I have long standing working relationships with the Northern Virginia, Washington D.C. and Maryland's top fertility clinics and doctors. I advocate for my clients with their clinics when requested, provide written reports for your clinic as needed, and support and prepare you as you proceed. 

I cover any and all medical scenarios and work with all genders, relationships and identities :

-assisted reproductive techniques (ART)

-donor egg/donor sperm/donor embryo

-gestational carrier

-secondary infertility

-miscarriage and stillborn

-male factor infertility/female factor infertility/unknown diagnosis

-child free but not by choice

I also realize that no matter the diagnosis or procedure, we also have social and emotional challenges such as feeling:

-off time or older than your ideal

-isolated, guilty, ashamed, anxious or depressed

-feelings of failure, or not being enough

- fears of letting your partner or family down

-fears about bonding with a child not carried by you or not genetically linked

-fears about telling friends, family or your child their conception story

-uncertainty and indecisiveness 

-unsexy, disinterested or sexual anxiety

The list goes on and on. I know. Call me when you are ready to be less isolated, to feel supported, informed and restored. If you are needing to protect your couplehood as you both navigate these challenges, or for individuals choosing the brave step toward being a single parent by choice.

(see /payment---insurance for psychological screening, assessments, reports and/or third party pregnancy consultations)

2 IF

Phyllis Fortunato, M.Ed., LPC participates in a live, nationally televised discussion on IVF and Donor Eggs in the United Kingdom . 

The Fertility Forum -This show is about all aspects of building your family when old fashion sex doesn't work! Links to each show coming soon!

Tune In:  I created and conducted a weekly radio show (yes, podcasts were not yet here) called The Fertility Forum  to share information and interview expert guest speakers so we could start a conversation.  We discussed infertility treatments, adoption and even child free living.  While some references (like iPods) are stuck in a time warp, listeners will still gain support, information and advice to help you make more informed decisions. Speakers share their personal experience, medical expertise, alternative therapies, options to consider, coping strategies and  more. We have tackled the various types of infertility and what the diagnoses mean in relation to treatment choices.  Gain support and knowledge for the psychological and emotional impact infertility can have on individuals, relationships and marriages. You are not alone!

Whatever your starting point is...

Anxiety & Depression
Life Changes  & Transitions
Relationship Issues
Mental Health
Sex Therapy
Psychological Testing

I can guide your process to...

Connect with yourself & others
Strengthen bonds with others
Navigate life phases positively
Find your purpose
Restore you sense of well-being
Create the life you want 
Live more joyfully