Why the dandelion

0413781001623082835.jpgI love the dandelion for many reasons, and that's why it inspired the abstract design for my logo. The life stages of this beautiful plant -- officially a weed! -- and other aspects resonate with me and the spirit of my professional work. Here's a snapshot:

-The dandelion's name in English comes from the French name, "dents de lion," which means teeth of the lion. Look closely at the jagged long leaves near the stem and you'll see what looks like big-cat molars and incisors. This plant looks fierce and ready to defend itself.

-The life stages represent a transition where the green stalk thrives to grow into a bright burst of yellow, and then -- when it appears it's dying off -- becomes the light, airy, elegant symmetry of a wispy bulb. It's been uplifted from its former self and one day the wind will carry away its seeds, spreading the love.

-For my logo series (below), the single dandelion is an individual, the overlapping dandelions are relationships, and the dandelion with the seeds taking flight represents family building, whether one is donor or parent. There is movement within because I believe positive change begins when we commit to ourselves. From there, it flows outward, strengthening our bonds with others.


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