How I Help

"The future depends on what you do in the present."
~ Phyllis Fortunato

individual therapy with phyllis fortunato

I help people navigate from 'now' to a better place, whether that's finding inner peace, engaging in healthy relationships or building a family.

Throughout my career as a Licensed Professional Counselor, I've worked with individuals and couples to restore a sense of well-being, create better communication, and build bonds that last.

How does this unfold? 

Whether the focus is on relationships, behaviors, mood, grief, family building or general life stressors, I help explore the dominant emotions and patterns in their lives to uncover underlying needs and feelings

I guide individuals through the process of recognizing and validating thoughts and desires to promote healing, and I teach methods of communication that aid the making of healthy relationships. 

Everyone is unique, so I tailor the process to each individual. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, my evidence-based approach and professional experience gets us to your solution.

My Approach

phyllis fortunato lpc

As a Licensed Professional Counselor with 20 years of experience helping clients create a more fulfilling future, I've developed a therapeutic practice that blends multiple disciplines. I work from an Attachment-Based Therapy philosophy and lean on the model created in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), an empirically validated treatment approach for adult individuals and couples. 

My goal is to work collaboratively to support you in developing a better understanding of yourself in order to embrace your individual strengths and vulnerabilities to create desired life changes

For a little more insight on my approach, please take a look at why I chose the dandelion motif for  my logo.


We will work to clarify your cycles and patterns, to increase awareness of your feelings, and better understand the impact you have on yourself and others. You can expect to uncover your felt sense and how it informs negative thinking patterns, beliefs and behaviors. 

Together we'll work to strengthen your connections within yourself and/or within your relationships, trade unwanted patterns and behaviors for healthy ones, and heal echoes of the past to forge a fulfilling future.

Questions? Please check out common questions or contact me.

"Positive change occurs through self-movement, not outside forces."
 ~ Phyllis Fortunato, M.Ed., LPC & Fertility Counselor

individual therapy with phyllis fortunato

Whatever your starting point is...

Anxiety & Depression
Life Changes  & Transitions
Relationship Issues
Mental Health
Sex Therapy
Psychological Testing

I can guide your process to...

Connect with yourself & others
Strengthen bonds with others
Navigate life phases positively
Find your purpose
Restore you sense of well-being
Create the life you want 
Live more joyfully