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My mission is to help you better connect within and with others for a more fulfilling life.

It's time and it's possible ~ when someone is courageous and motivated enough to commit to themselves, it's the beginning of positive change.

Throughout my career as a Professional Licensed Counselor, I've worked with individuals and couples who started from a place of overwhelm or inertia and moved to a clearer, healthier, happier place.

The process involves being present in our conversations and true to yourself. I draw on a variety of methods to facilitate positive outcomes, including Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT). 

You can expect to learn more about yourself and connect better to the parts you have held in, misunderstood or been uncomfortable with in order to release old hurts and improve current life satisfaction and relationships. In the process, we'll pay attention to your fight/flight/freeze reactions and the impact on  negative thinking patterns, beliefs, self concepts and relationships.

Only you can give yourself a chance for greater contentment and happiness. I am honored to assist and guide your journey.

Please contact me today for a chat on how it could work.

~ Phyllis Fortunato, M.Ed., LPC & Fertility Counselor

"Commit to yourself first,
then find out how I can guide your process 
to a fulfilling future."
~ Phyllis Fortunato, M.Ed., LPC & Fertility Counselor

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Whatever your starting point is...

Anxiety & Depression
Life Changes  & Transitions
Relationship Issues
Mental Health
Sex Therapy
Psychological Testing

I can guide your process to...

Connect with yourself & others
Strengthen bonds with others
Navigate life phases positively
Find your purpose
Restore you sense of well-being
Create the life you want 
Live more joyfully